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Axel Dorscht Dr. Axel Dorscht
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Dr. Axel Dorscht is the founder and head of the Institute for Human Conceptual and Mental Development (IHCMD). He has directed the work of the Institute since its founding in 1990. He holds a Ph.D. in political economy (Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, 1988), a M.A. in International Relations, and a B.A. (Hons) in Political Science (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, 1977 and 1975).

Since 1990, he has been involved in two major studies: One is understanding the mind on the inside, as the place where we consciously exist and act, where the inner mental life takes place and where the mental self is active. Understanding the nature, elements and processes, the conditions, needs, demands and challenges of the mind, our inner mental life and the mental self, our role and responsibility in them, how to manage and deal with them.

The other study is about the historical path and direction of human conceptual and mental self-development. How through the ages human beings have made sense of their experience, the conditions of existence that lie behind them, and how to deal with them. The mental powers and abilities, mental skills and practices they developed, on which they relied, how they developed and used them. Which lie behind, define and govern socio-cultural developments that have brought the human species to where we find ourselves today and the problems and difficulties we face and we create. The direction of the answers and solutions, the direction we need to take in conceptual and mental development and growth, individually, as society and as a species, to understand and manage existence and development in sustainable, equitable, secure and peaceful ways. Together the two studies provide the conceptual foundation and framework of understanding of the work of the Institute.

Starting in 1996 he has hosted a series of Online workshops, summer schools, study and training programs, and on-the-ground lecture series about sustaining existence and development in changing conditions, understanding and managing them from the ground up, at the level of the natural conditions of existence, beginning with the individual, starting with the mind, the inner mental life and the mental self.

Prior to the work with the Institute for Human Conceptual and Mental Development, he has worked as a consultant in international development (IDRC and CIDA, 1988-92), as a professor and lecturer in political science, Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada), University of Ottawa (Ottawa, Canada) and St. Francis Xavier University (Antigonish, Canada, 1983-87), as a free-lance correspondent in Germany (for the Financial Post, Canada, 1981-82), and as a researcher in political, social and economic development (in Canada and Europe, 1980-82).